Patient Guide

The Cardiogenetics Program provides comprehensive services in the diagnosis, prevention and management of hereditary disorders of the heart.

Among others, our expert team includes a full-time cardiovascular genetic counselor.

What is a cardiovascular genetic counselor?

A genetic counselor is a healthcare provider with specialized graduate degrees and expertise in the areas of medical genetics and counseling. Our cardiovascular genetic counselor:

  • Gathers extensive family history information for thorough risk assessment
  • Shares comprehensive knowledge of the benefits and limitations of genetic testing thereby helping families and physicians apply the most current genetic and genomic testing
  • Provides interpretation of genetic tests and the disclosure of results
  • Facilitates the identification and testing of at-risk family members
  • Discusses recommended screening, preventive and management options
  • Provides psychosocial counseling surrounding issues related to inheritable cardiovascular diseases such as emotional adjustments and decisions about reproductive options and family planning

For more information about hereditary diseases of the heart and to understand the treatments we provide, please see Conditions and Treatments.

To make an appointment with our cardiovascular genetics counselor, please see Contact Us.