Core Laboratory

The Cardiac Imaging Research Core Laboratory provides independent and standardized analysis of nuclear cardiology (myocardial perfusion SPECT), cardiac CT and cardiac MRI images acquired within research studies.

The concept is similar to a reference laboratory for blood tests. Imaging facilities participating in these research studies (often multi-center clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical and medical device companies) send coded, anonymized cardiac imaging studies to the core lab. The studies then undergo systematic image processing and interpretation, following approved standard operating procedures. The results, securely maintained and archived by the core lab, are then transmitted back to the study sponsor, making sure that there is strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

Benefit to Research Community

By using the expert physician interpretation and validated image processing and quantitative analysis software provided by the core lab, research sponsors are assured of comprehensive and standardized cardiac imaging interpretation and secure data management to provide effectiveness and safety information for their clinical trials and research studies. The core lab team can also help develop study-specific protocols and assist with manuscript writing. Additionally, the imaging facilities are provided with any necessary training to carry out the imaging protocols, thus ensuring continuing quality assurance.

Research Team

The core lab research team consists of nuclear cardiology physicians highly experienced in research and imaging analysis, nuclear physics experts, cardiac imaging computer software developers and data analysts including cardiac imaging technologists and bio-statisticians. Research project managers and study coordinators, who work with the scientific team and the study sponsors and research sites, round out this highly collaborative group.

Core Lab Services


Timely data collection and expert image processing in a FDA compliant state-of-the-art facility


Interpretation and analysis by a highly qualified team of recognized experts


Secure transmission of data files and confidential protected data archiving


Assistance with research design and manuscript writing

Contact Information

Jim Gerlach
Research Specialist
Phone: 310-248-6943