Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria: Estrogen Deficiency and CVD Biomarkers in Premenopausal Women

Inclusion Criteria

FHA and normal controls:

  • Premenopausal by WISE criteria currently not on hormone therapy
  • English speaking (for the purposes of complete psychosocial assessment)
  • Able to give informed consent
  • Gynecological age (age since menarche) > 10 and < 25 years
  • Chronological age >18 years
  • Within 90-110% of ideal body weight as determined by the 1983 Metropolitan height and weight table for women
  • Exercise < 10 h/wk and run < 10 mi/wk.
  • All patients with hypothalamic amenorrhea will be diagnosed based on exclusion of other etiologies for their amenorrhea, including pregnancy, thyroid dysfunction, hyperprolactinemia,POI, and polycystic ovary disease.
  • HyperE will include women electively undergoing IVF for male fertility factor, female factor due to tubal blockage, elective egg donation or storage or unexplained fertility.
  • Age 18-40 years and not pregnant
  • Women with HyperE will be measured prior to starting IVF and at peak estradiol level for data collection.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Smoking
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Diabetes
  • Medications, including psychotropic or illicit drugs
  • Medical, neurological, or ophthalmologic disease except acuity problems
  • Major Axis I disorder other than depression
  • Parturition in the last 12 months and/or lactating in the last 6 months
  • Not currently using hormone contraceptive or any estrogen or progestin therapy

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