Living with a Pacemaker

Many people are overly concerned about their pacemaker at first. With time and experience, however, you will become more familiar with it and more confident and comfortable returning to a normal lifestyle.

When you have a pacemaker:

  • You may wear comfortable clothing.
  • You may use any electrical device in your home.
  • You may drive or ride in a car, tractor or boat.
  • You may not go through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. Before you go for any test, tell your doctor you have a pacemaker implant.
  • While airport security devices will not affect how your pacemaker works, the metal case make trigger security-screening devices. If this happens, simply show your pacemaker identification card to the security guard.
  • Regular appointments with your doctor or visits to the Cedars-Sinai Pacemaker Clinic will be needed to evaluate you and your pacemaker. As your pacemaker gets older, you will require more frequent visits to assess the pacemaker battery life and assessment of the wires.