Support Groups for Patients

The Cedars-Sinai Heart Center offers a variety of programs to support patients as they face the challenges of heart conditions.

Heart Transplant Support Group

Join us for regular discussion of topics specific to heart transplant! ALL Heart Transplant Patients, Family and Caregivers are invited! Held every 4th Tuesday of the month from 11:00am –12:00pm *North Tower – 6th Floor (6NW) – Rm 6159.

Ellen Anifantis, LCSW

Mechanical Circulatory Support Group

Join us for regular discussion of coping related to hospitalization and need for MCS. ALL Pre and Post MCS Patients, Family and Caregivers are invited! Held every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 11:00am –12:00pm. North Tower – 6th Floor (6NW) – Rm 6159

Lucy Kim, LCSW (310) 423-3353

Heart Families

As part of patient education, the Heart Families volunteers are available to you. They comprise a very special group of men and women who have experienced a cardiac crisis themselves or in their immediate family. They are specially trained volunteers who have felt the fear and loneliness and survived.

Heart Families volunteers help cardiac patients undergoing procedures or heart surgery, as well as their families, by offering emotional support on a person-to-person basis, helping you understand and better use medical and hospital services, serving as a liaison with other Medical Center staff and acquainting you with methods to make home care simpler and easier.

In addition to their own personal experience with cardiac problems, Heart Families volunteers undergo extensive training at Cedars-Sinai, working under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker. They are supported by a team consisting of the director of Volunteer Services and representatives from nursing, psychiatry, pediatrics, medicine and surgery.

The Heart Families Program has been honored by the American Hospital Association's awards under the Volunteer Excellence Program. They also travel to other national hospitals to provide guidance to cardiac programs for developing volunteer programs.

Other Support Groups

Transplant Support Group

The Multi-organ Transplant Support Group meets every Tuesday from 1 to 2:30 p.m. It is open to all organ transplant recipients, candidates, family members and friends, including liver, kidney, pancreas, lung and heart transplants candidates. The meeting has a casual educational format with question-and-answer sessions and discussion. The group meets in Room 6159, on the sixth floor of the North Tower of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. For more information, contact:

Carlie Galloway, LCSW
Phone: 310-423-6850
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Transplant Caregiver Support Group

Join us for helpful discussion about coping with the Caregiving role! ALL Caregivers of ALL solid-organ Transplant patients are welcome! Held every Friday from 1-2pm
*North Tower – 6th Floor (6NW) – Rm 6159

Marshia Caceres, LCSW