Mammography FAQ

My doctor ordered an annual mammogram for me. Is it covered by my insurance?

  • It depends. Your ANNUAL Mammogram could be either a Screening or a Diagnostic Mammogram. A Screening Mammogram is usually covered completely by insurance as part of their “Wellness” package.
  • A Diagnostic Mammogram, however, is processed through your insurance company as a diagnostic exam, so you may have out-of-pocket expenses, based on your co-pay arrangement and whether or not you have met your deductible for the year.


When will my doctor receive my Mammography report?

  • Screening Mammography will normally be read within 5 business days, and the report will then be faxed to your physician.
  • Diagnostic Mammography will be reviewed immediately by a subspecialized Imaging Physician and the results sent to your physician the same day.

Why am I receiving two bills for my Mammogram?

  • When you have your mammogram, you will receive 2 bills:
    • A Cedars-Sinai bill for the technical portion.
    • A bill from the Imaging Physician group who interpreted your study.

What is the “Facility Charge” that appears on my Mammography bill?

  • The hospital sends one bill for all visits on the same day. The consolidated statement may list charges for your visit to the Cedars-Sinai Breast Center and will also itemize the charges related to the breast imaging exam you completed. A separate bill will be sent by your doctor and the Imaging Physician.

In addition to my Mammogram, I am being billed for something called CAD. What is this?

  • CAD stands for Computer-Aided Detection, a recent advance in the field of breast imaging. 

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Billing Information

If you have questions about your Cedars-Sinai bill, please contact:

  • Cedars-Sinai Business Office: (323) 866-8600

If you have questions about the subspecialized Imaging Physician’s separate bill, please contact:

  • Cedars-Sinai Imaging Medical Group: (800) 303-3044

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