Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions Regarding Your Exam


How do I schedule an appointment?

Almost all of our procedures require a prescription from a referring physician. Your physician will order an imaging procedure for you and will fax that order to us. Alternatively, your doctor might give you the paper copy. You can then call us to schedule an appointment at (310) 423-8000 (option 1).

The one exception to the prescription requirement is the coronary calcium scan, which measures the level of calcium in your arteries. This is considered a self-referred procedure and does not require a physician's referral. 


How do I obtain a copy of my exam images or report?

For a copy of your report or films, please call (310) 423-8000 (option 2). We offer free copies of your images on a PC-compatible CD-Rom, or you can obtain printed films for $15 per page.

If you are requesting your films for a physician to examine, please have the name of that physician when you call. It should be the physician who will be looking at the films, and not necessarily your referring physician. For example, your primary care doctor might have referred you to a specialist who needs to see your images. It is the name of the specialist which is needed, not the name of your primary care physician.


When should I arrive for my appointment?

When we give you an appointment time, this includes the time required for registration. There is no need to arrive before your scheduled time. Different procedures require different amounts of time beforehand. In addition, some require lab tests which might need to be performed before your scan (most of these can be done in advance and need not be done on the day of your exam). 

If you were not given or have misplaced your arrival-time information, please call (310) 423-8000.


What do I need to do to prepare for my exam?

Different procedures require different preparations. Some require no preparation, while others may require a specific diet or an alteration to your medications. You should consult your referring physician about what is needed before your exam. (Never make a change to your medications unless instructed to do so by your physician.) If you have any questions, please call (310) 423-8000.

Some exams also require lab tests to be done in advance. Your doctor should inform you of these and see that they are performed in advance of the day of your scan.

We do recommend that you wear comfortable clothing which can be removed easily in case your procedure requires you to change into a hospital gown. Though we do not anticipate a long waiting period before your exam, we do recommend that you bring a favorite book, magazine or music player to help you pass the time.

For more information, click: Preparing For Your Exam.