Findings & Images

Contrast enhanced CT brain venogram axial images.

Findings: thrombus throughout the sagittal, transverse, and sigmoid sinus, and left internal jugular vein. Note the "empty delta" sign on the third image.

Contrast enhanced CT brain venogram MIP reconstruction.

MIP reconstruction of the brain venous sinuses providing another view of findings from axial images.









Saggital non-contrast MRI brain.

Findings: high signal acute or subacute thrombus within the sagittal sinus.



Axial MRI DWI & ADC images.

  • DWI high signal foci with corresponding low signal on ADC represent areas of acute/subacute infarct.
  • Adjacent foci of absent signal on DWI correspond to areas of acute/subacute hemorrhage on CT.
  • Areas of high signal on ADC represent T2 shine through from edema.

Diagnosis and Discussion