Case of the Month: January, 2011 Page 2

Answer: A, C, and E are correct.

A. Lung nodules,

C. Bladder mass, and

E. Adrenal nodules are correct.

Noncontrast CT demonstrates a large mass emanating from the right posterolateral aspect of the bladder. Bilateral adrenal nodules and nodules in the lung bases are present. There is a large aneurysm of the celiac artery.

Review the CT scan from 9 months prior.

( Click here for larger image )

( Click here for larger image )

Question: What are the findings?

  1. Bladder diverticulum with focal wall thickening
  2. Bladder diverticulum with calculus
  3. Stable adrenal nodules
  4. Ventral hernia
  5. Splenic artery aneurysm
  6. Small bowel obstruction

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