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Answer: C. Renal cyst

Discussion Renal Von Hippel-Landau:

  • Multiple renal cysts and increased risk for renal cell carcinoma.
  • Clear cell RCC: 20-40%
    • May be multicentric or bilateral.
    • Numerous cysts may obscure cystic neoplasm or neoplasm within the wall of a cyst.
    • Screening with renal US and CT/MRI.


  • The patient went to surgery and the complex renal cyst was indeed a malignancy for which partial nephrectomy was performed. There was no evidence for metastatic disease.
  • The epididymal cyst most likely represents a cystadenoma which is a characteristic lesion in VHL.
  • The pancreatic cyst is a true simple cyst in the pancreas which is rare except in the setting of VHL.


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