Case of the Month: April 2013, Page 3

Answer: Serous Cystadenocarcinoma

While bilateral adnexal masses may represent the highly malignant endometrioidcarcinoma in rare cases, these tumors are not related to endometriomas (the so-called chocolate cysts). Cystadenocarcinomas are the most common causeof bilateral adnexal masses, the vast majority of which are serous in nature. Metastatic neoplasm to the ovary is also occasionally seen bilaterally. Histologyis the only definite way to separate primary from metastatic origin.

Subsequent workup included an abdominal series.

For full-size images, please click Transabdominal US 5 and Transabdominal US 6 .

Question: What diagnosis is consistent with the findings?
A) Gastric distention
B) Free air
C) Portal venous gas
D) Small bowel obstruction

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