Case of the Month January 2014, page 3

ANSWER: The line of Brodel corresponds to the posterior axillary line. Brodel became involved in medical research and surgical procedures very early in his career. Following dissection studies of the intrinsic blood vessels of the kidney he defined an avascular line for nephrotomy (“Brodel White Line”). Renal arterial vascular injury must be avoided in order to prevent loss of renal function. The potential for arterial injury is least in Brödel's line, an avascular plane approximately at the lateral margin of the kidney, extending from the superior apex of the kidney (limited by the circulation of the apical anterior segmental artery) to the lower pole of the kidney (limited by the circulation of the lower anterior segmental artery).

3. What is the incidence of hemorrhage following percutaneous nephrostomy tube insertion?
a. 1-3%
b. 5-10%
c. 10-15%
d. 15-20%

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