Case of the Month July 2014, Page 2

ANSWER: Bilateral pulmonary artery emboli

The image below is a reformation performed by our technologists that allow us to visualize the pulmonary vasculature in different imaging planes, allowing for further evaluation.
Green arrow: thrombi within the right pulmonary artery; Red arrow: thrombi within the left pulmonary artery.  Please note, pulmonary artery is a tubular white structure, the thrombi are small grey structures within the artery.

For a larger image, please click on Lung Cancer 3

What other imaging characteristics can be seen on a CT angiogram of the chest in a patient with known pulmonary emboli?

A) Right  heart enlargement and flattening of the interventricular septum
B) Lower leg deep vein thrombus
C) Gallstones and gallbladder wall thickening
D) Regurgitation of contrast into the inferior vena cava and/or the hepatic veins

For larger images, please click on Lung Cancer 4 and Lung Cancer 5

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