Case of the Month 2015-10, Page 3

Answer: C) Not negative for pulmonary embolism

As d-dimer is a general measure of systemic inflammation, the test can tell you inflammation is present but not what’s causing it. Although a negative d-dimer can effectively rule out a pulmonary embolism, a positive d-dimer tells you only that inflammation is present without providing insight as to its etiology.

Given these considerations, the ER ordered a CT angiogram of the chest to evaluate for pulmonary embolism, but also pneumonia, heart failure, interstitial lung disease, etc.

The provided CT angiographic images demonstrate what findings? (select any)

A) Pulmonary embolus
B) Right heart strain
C) Fibrosis
D) Lymphadenopathy

For larger images, please click on Breath 2 , Breath 3 and Breath 4 .

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