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Answer: B) Infection

Pott puffy tumor is an uncommon entity that was first described in 1760 and refers to subperiosteal abscess formation and osteomyelitis classically secondary to frontal sinusitis. Infectious sinusitis is by far the most common cause, though this condition has also been associated with cocaine/methamphetamine abuse or trauma. Despite its name, there is no association of this condition with neoplasm.

The emergency department physician orders a CT scan of the affected region, and you see the following images:

For larger images, please click on Head Pain 1 and Head Pain 2 .

These images demonstrate a fluid level within the right maxillary sinus as well as a couple of subperiosteal facial abscesses. Now that you’ve found evidence of acute sinusitis as well as a couple subperiosteal abscesses, you go about searching for other potential complications of acute sinusitis

Which of the following are known potential complications associated with acute sinusitis (check all that apply)?

  • Intra-orbital abscess
  • Epidural abscess
  • Cerebral abscess
  • Cavernous sinus thrombosis
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