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Figure 1A. CT Angiogram Chest - annotated

Figure 2A. CT Abdomen and Pelvis - annotated

Imaging findings:

CT angiogram chest:

  • No pulmonary embolism.
  • Right ventricle is slightly larger than the left ventricle with reflux of contrast into the IVC, suggestive of right heart strain.
  • Perihilar and upper lobe dominant ground glass attenuation.

CT abdomen and pelvis:

  • Small bilateral renal and moderate splenic parenchymal infarcts.
  • Postoperative changes related to liposuction and gluteus musculature fat injections.


Patient was admitted to the medical intensive care unit for medical management. Patient was given solumedrol for treatment of possible fat embolism.

Within hours of admission to the MICU, the patient developed acute right upper extremity numbness and right face numbness. CODE BRAIN was initiated and STAT head CT was obtained.

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Figure 3. CT brain without contrast

What are the imaging findings?

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