Case of the Month, March 2017, Page 3


B) is false.

Most adult intussusceptions are SHORT segment. All other statements are true.

Discussion and Clinical Course

The patient was admitted to the internal medicine service, with gastroenterology and colorectal surgery consultations placed for further evaluation of GI bleeding and abdominal pain. The patient’s intussusception, while not frankly obstructing, was concerning for pain, and its long-segment characteristic. Admission orders included pain and nausea control.

Patient was made NPO and started on a proton pump inhibitor for GI bleed. Antibiotics were deferred given recent course.

Which of the following is not an etiology for intussusception? 

  1. A) Colitis
  2. B) Celiac sprue
  3. C) Malignant lead mass
  4. D) Volvulus


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