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Choices A (Involvement of the left adrenal gland) and D (Mass abutting the pancreas and small bowel).

A large suprarenal heterogenous mass is inseparable from the left adrenal gland, diaphragm and pancreas, and abuts the pancreas and small bowel. The adrenal gland has a preserved architecture. The left kidney is not definitively involved nor displaced. No retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy is identified.
Question 2

Which of the following is true based on the following images.

A. Lack of enhancement is suggestive of retroperitoneal hematoma.

B. 3-phase imaging demonstrates regions of delayed enhancement, nonspecific.

C. 3-phase imaging demonstrates rapid washout suggestive of adrenal adenoma.

D. Aggregates of low near-fat density are suggestive of myelolipoma.

Arterial, portovenous and delayed axial CT images through the same level, axial CT through the inferior portion of the mass on the bottom right.

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