Multiple Myeloma: Fracture Treatment

Multiple myeloma often weakens bone and leads to fractures, including spinal compression fractures. At the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center, Marcel Maya, MD, has extensive experience performing kyphoplasty, which is a minimally invasive procedure to treat spinal compression fractures.

Kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty works by injecting medical-grade bone cement directly into the fractured vertebra. This cement hardens quickly and acts like an internal cast. In some cases a balloon is inserted into the fracture (kyphoplasty) to expand the space before the cement is added. This may help to restore the vertebra to something closer to its pre-fractured height. Dr. Maya leads a specialized team of imaging physicians, nurses and technologists who specialize in treating spinal compression fractures.

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Why Choose the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center for the treatment of spinal compression fractures?

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