Complications and Imaging: Mark I

Nieder et al.12 found a 20% rate of deep infection in the 76 cases that he performed for failed arthroplasty (not tumors) with the Mark I model.

  • They saw upward migration in ALL cases although the migration soon stabilized and was referred to as 'bedding in'
  • Sclerosis at interface is common, and that if no sclerosis is noted then there is usually greater migration
  • Deep infection caused significant migration
  • Heterotopic bone around prosthesis is common and may or may not be of clinical significance1, 3, 6, 11

Cephalad Migration

Notice the cephalad migration and heterotopic bone formation over a 4-year period in this patient.12

Same patient as above. Close-up view.12

Another example of migration with the Mark I model over the course of a few years.12

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