Complications and Imaging: PAR (page 1)

PAR Complications

Menendez et al4, studied 15 patients, none of which had postoperative loosening or migration, but 56% of the patients had a major complication.

  • 5/15 patients had infections that required additional surgery, 3 of which needed revision or removal
  • 2/15 had dislocation, one was associated with infection and both needed revision
  • 1 patient had broken polyethylene liner that required revision
  • 1 patient with extensive heterotopic ossification

Infection and Dislocation

CASE 1: Postoperative deep infection. Antibiotic beads placed after prosthetic removal. 

CASE 2: Perioperative dislocation.


CASE 3: Impending dislocation, left. Note angle of polyethylene liner (red arrow). On right, same patient after subsequent dislocation and with deep infection evidenced by antibiotic beads.

CASE 4: Perioperative period, CT scout. Note tiny air bubbles at gray arrowhead.


Same patient as above, deep infection. Prosthesis was removed.

CASE 5: This patient had deep infection. Arthrogram was performed to evaluate for fistula formation. There was no fistula.

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