Historical Perspective: Mark I

The idea for the saddle prosthesis came from a German physician named Elmar Nieder at the EndoKlinic in Hamburg circa the 1970's. He noted that in patients with severely failed hip arthroplasties (infected or aseptic but with extensive bone loss) despite the loss of the entire floor of the acetabulum, they still had painless articulation between the neck of the femoral prosthesis and roof remnant.  Movement was extremely limited yet it was a stable situation.12

The Mark I Prosthesis

Failed hip arthroplasty treated with Mark I paddle prosthesis. Note the superior migration after four years.12


  • Ultra rigid system
  • Limited intraoperative adjustability, i.e., one size fits all
  • Prone to fracture, loosening and cephalad migration
  • Mounted directly to femoral component with limited rotation

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