Indications and Contraindications


Periacetabular resection with saddle prostheses indicated in cases which:6, 8

1- Surgical margin obtained similar to those with hemipelvectomy can be accomplished.

2- Resection for preservation of reasonably functional limb.

3- Life expectancy and physical status can justify procedure.

Contraindications:6, 8

1- recurrence following previous limb sparing procedure UNLESS can resect the tumor completely.

2- extension through SI joint, with involvement of sacral nerves and root foramen

3- extensive soft tissue infiltration

4- poor physical status

5- osteoporosis (relative contraindication)


Hypervascular renal cell carcinoma that needed embolization before placement of saddle prosthesis

AP Pelvis with left acetabular lytic metastasis

Frog leg lateral, same patient as above

Axial CT, same patient as above.

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