Periacetabular Reconstruction Prosthesis (PAR)

The latest approach to large acetabular and periacetabular lesions is a modified saddle prosthesis named the 'periacetabular reconstruction' prosthesis (PAR) by Stryker Orthopedics, New Jersey and Menendez et al.

Normal post-operative appearance. Note that "new' acetabulum is placed proximally compared to contralateral side.

  • Chrome-Cobalt alloy
  • Utilizes advances in design of total hip replacement
  • Allows secure fixation of implant to bone with 3 screws
  • Provides four times the amount of osseous support compared to Mark II design

  • The ilium is sandwiched between wide plates
  • The wide plates can accommodate great latitude in level of resection
  • Captured polyethylene liner adds stability to loss of soft tissue during surgery


L- Shaped modular components for customization to maintain length

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