Sequential conventional radiography is the most common, cost effective and reliable imaging modality for patients with shoulder arthroplasty. Initial baseline studies are obtained either portably in the recovery room or non portably in the radiology department before discharge. Baseline radiographs serve as reference radiographs for comparison with all future studies. Follow-up studies are usually obtained at yearly intervals or when symptoms warrant.

Standard views include:

  • Immediate postoperative portable exam
    • AP shoulder
    • Axillary view if tolerated
  • Follow-up Study
    • Posterior oblique AP view (Grashey view) obtained with the humerus externally rotated. This provides a profile view of humeral and glenoid components.
    • AP shoulder view in internal rotation
    • Axillary view

All serial follow-up radiographs are obtained with the same positioning method to facilitate accurate comparison.

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