Research Opportunity


The IBD Center is currently recruiting for patients to participate in the MIRIAD Biobank. The Mucosal Immunology Repository for Inflammatory And Digestive Diseases (MIRIAD) Biobank collects a variety of specimens and data from our patients with IBD and stores them into a bank. The bank maintains these precious resources and enables distribution to researchers in a way that optimizes the use of specimens from a single individual for many research studies. As a result of our patients’ interest in IBD research, we have the largest IBD specimen repository in the world.

Our research program is designed to study IBD from every vantage point. We are engaged in clinical trials of new drugs and other interventions; laboratory research; genetic studies; and translational research which focuses on making connections between these areas to speed research advances so they can benefit people with IBD more quickly.

How you can participate

Initial participation is as easy as completing a questionnaire and allowing the Biobank to access your medical records. You also may be asked to contribute a blood sample or small set of samples at your visit. Some types of samples (biopsies, colon washings and surgical tissue) are only collected if you are already having a procedure for your clinical care. Your health and the purpose of your visit are always our first priority and it is important to note that even though MIRIAD collects many types of samples, most participants are asked to give only 1-3 types.

Key considerations

  • You will only be asked for specimens when your health allows it.
  • You may decline participation at any time without affecting your clinical care.
  • Your participation is at no cost to you or your insurer.
  • Your identity will not be disclosed when providing data and/or samples to researchers.
  • Your participation and data are protected from release to insurers by a National Institutes of Health Certificate of Confidentiality.
  • You may withdraw at any time from further participation in the MIRIAD bank and have any remaining samples destroyed.

For additional information on how you can participate in the forefront of IBD research, please call 310-423-2351 or follow this link to read the latest MIRIAD IBD Biobank Newsletter - Issue 3 .