Treatments and Programs for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Patient Care and Clinical Research section of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Center offers current treatments for patients suffering from various types of inflammatory bowel disease.

Where most medical facilities combine IBD services with other digestive tract disorders, Cedars-Sinai's IBD Center concentrates solely on relieving intestinal inflammation disorders. This focus promotes ever-increasing knowledge about the disease and allows collection of important data. Information on patients' medical histories, family histories and disease experiences uncovers clues to treating and curing patients, as well as helps speed a new discovery from the research lab to the medical office.

Providing a full array of services, each of our specialists is highly experienced in diagnosing, observing and treating every aspect of the disease. Because IBD conditions are most often ongoing or recurring, an important part of treatment involves managing the disease so that patients have the best chance of controlling their symptoms and going about their lives as normally as possible.

Our doctors use aggressive medical approaches in giving the proper medications, using combinations of drugs currently available, as well as some that are FDA-approved and still being researched. Among the newer treatments are drugs that stop the body's reaction to a disease trigger, or that get rid of the trigger itself. Another class of treatments involves lab-developed molecules that can be used at certain points to limit swelling of the intestine.

The medical team at the IBD Center works in close partnership with our research lab scientists to monitor studies and stay current with the most up-to-date findings.


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