The Lung Transplant Center at the Women's Guild Lung Institute is committed to furthering the knowledge of physicians involved in the care of patients with lung disease.

Fellowships in Transplantation and Cardiothoracic Surgery

As a world renowned institution for medical education, the Women's Guild Lung Institute is committed to excellence in the training of the next generation of surgeons.

Surgeons in the Lung Transplant Center are actively involved in fellowships that provide advanced training to physicians specializing in transplant and cardiothoracic surgery.

Grand Rounds

Throughout the year, the Lung Transplant Center offers and participates in Grand Rounds to provide continuing education in the fields of lung and heart disease and lung, heart and heart and lung transplantation.

Morbidity and Mortality Reviews

The Cedars-Sinai Lung Transplant Center holds regular reviews of adverse outcomes. This process allows the healthcare team to continuously improve on the care provided to patients who come to the Center for lung transplants.