Health Associates

Cedars-Sinai Health Associates (CSHA) is a network of individual physicians with private practice offices located throughout Los Angeles and affiliated with Cedars-Sinai. These physicians are part of an Independent Physician Association (IPA) to serve your medical needs. By working with the IPA, these doctors are able to contract with most health plans to accommodate you.

Because we are part of the Cedars-Sinai family, you can be confident of the quality of care you and your family will receive.

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available physicians through cedars-sinai health associates

Exceptional care

The physicians who participate in Cedars-Sinai Health Associates include specialist of all types, who can attend to your preventive care needs or provide care for any type of ailment.

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Health Classes

health classes provded to support good health

Supporting good health

As part of our commitment to maintaining your good health, we offer a variety of classes and health management programs taught by licensed professionals.

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