Health Plans

The Cedars-Sinai Health Associates physicians accept many managed care plans, including most HMO, PPO and POS plans. 

How to Choose a Primary Care Physician within Cedars-Sinai Health Associates 

If you are covered by HMO, PPO or POS insurance plans, your insurance carrier may want you to pick a primary care physician who will coordinate your care. We suggest contacting our Member Services Department to assist in choosing a physician that is right for you.  A Cedars-Sinai Health Associates representative will guide you through the quickest process possible for coordinating this information with your insurer so you can get the care you need.  As a resource, please reference the list of  physicians at "Our Expert Team".

Health Plans

Cedars-Sinai Health Associates physicians typically accept various HMO and PPO insurance plans. Please contact  Member Services Department or your physician to find out if he or she accepts your particular insurance type.

Physicians in Cedars-Sinai Health Associates have offices throughout west Los Angeles. Please contact the physician's office directly or our Member Services Department for the address.