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The physicians and allied health care providers of Cedars-Sinai Health Associates are ready to help you with your health care needs. The physicians who participate in Cedars-Sinai Health Associates include specialists of all types, who can attend to your preventive care needs or provide care for any type of ailment.

To find a Cedars-Sinai Health Associates primary care physician, visit  Physician Search, If you are seeking a specialist, please contact your primary care physician or the CSHA Patient  Services Department at (800) 773-2742 for a list of available specialty physicians right for you.  If you are inquiring about whether CSHA physicians are accepting new patients or whether you need pre-authorization for specialty care, our Patient  Services Department will be able to assist you as well.

Please note that this network is subject to change. Please call your the physician's office to determine whether they are accepting new patients.

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