CsDcmDmp is a public-domain utility designed to view DICOM header information. The program conforms to the Windows MDI (multi-document interface) and accepts any valid DICOM file. It offers limited search capabilities, as well as printing. This program is provided without any kind of warranty.

This program was written initially as a tool to assist in developing other DICOM-related applications and to help understand the structure of DICOM files generated on various systems. It is mainly a user interface laid on top of the DcmDump utility provided in the OFFIS DCMTK DICOM Toolkit, though it makes the use of such a utility more convenient, especially under Windows, where command-line programs are not the norm.




There is no documentation or support for this program. Its use is straightforward and should not require explanations.

To install the program, simply unzip the archive file wdcmdump.zip in any folder (though preferably not a system folder as the archive contains system DLLs). You can place a shortcut to the main program (wdcmdump.exe) on the desktop or in your Start menu for convenience.

If you get errors attempting to run WDcmDump, try renaming the (potentially) offending DLLs. The DLLs included in the zip file are for Windows 2000 and may be incompatible with your system. In particular, you may need to rename the following DLLs:

  • msvcrt.dll to msvcrt.dl_
  • msvcirt.dll to msvcirt.dl_

This effectively prevents Windows from loading these DLLs.

A couple of tips:

  • When printing, the columns are spaced in proportion to the way they are set in the view that is being printed. As a consequence, if you don't like the spacing of the columns in the print preview, try changing the column widths in the dataset's window.
  • Right-click on an element to access the detailed view, which shows the entire value string for any element as well as a more readily understandable value representation.

Software Updates

Please check back soon.