The Cedars-Sinai reporting system is a complete reporting package for nuclear cardiologists. The reporting system, designed to quickly produce high quality, error-free reports, is divided into 2 main components: Automated Report Generator (ARG) and QARG.

New Features

The following features have recently been added to the software (ARG 2.0):

  • Customizable reports. This feature includes:
    • Visual report editor
    • Powerful sentence generator/editor
    • Customizable selection boxes
  • Inclusion of screenshots in the report
  • Easy setup and configuration wizard

In Depth

ARG offers several features to improve reading room workflow:

  • A series of consistency checks are used to ensure the report does not contain conflicting information.
  • By eliminating the need for the traditional lengthy process of dictating, transcribing, reviewing and revising reports, ARG cuts turnaround time and delivers same-day reporting.
  • Utilizing ARG's client server architecture, all physicians, technologists, system administrators and administrative personnel are able to work collaboratively on each patient's study simultaneously.
  • Full integration with our myocardial perfusion quantitative applications (AutoQUANT, QPS and QGS) further reduces the risk of errors and improves the nuclear cardiologist's reading room workflow.
  • The system generates an ICANL-compliant report.

QARG extends the functionality of ARG by adding the following features:

  • The ability to include and edit history and ECG information in the report.
  • An interface to allow searching of old reports.
  • The ability to generate ASCII Text reports, which can easily be uploaded to HIS/RIS systems.


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QGS with ARGQPS with ARGQARG Main PageQARG Custom CodesQARG Report EditorQARG Report Editor

Sample Reports

  • ARG 2.0 using only QPS and QGS: [PDF]
  • ARG 2.0 using QPS, QGS and QARG (classic): [PDF]
  • ARG 2.0 using QPS, QGS and QARG (structured): [PDF]
  • ARG 2.0 using QPS, QGS and QARG (signed): [PDF]
  • ARG 1.0 Sample - unsigned: [PDF]
  • ARG 1.0 Sample - signed: [PDF]

Software Availability

Information regarding the availability of ARG and QARG can be found here.