Minimally Invasive Surgical Technologies

Cedars-Sinai offers alternatives to traditional surgical procedures for a wide range of gynecologic conditions that require surgery.

Highly trained surgeons use innovative laparoscopic and hysteroscopic technologies to perform surgery through tiny incisions about the size of a fingernail. This minimally invasive approach enables most patients to return to routine activities in a shorter period of time while experiencing less discomfort after surgery.

Special Tools for Surgery Without Large Incisions

Because minimally invasive surgery relies on several tiny incisions, special tools are used to allow the surgeon to see and work within small spaces inside the body.

Two of these special tools used in minimally invasive gynecological surgery are the laparoscope and the hysteroscope. Today, surgeons at the Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Center are also sometimes assisted by precision-controlled robots in the operating suite.