My CS-Link

Cedars-Sinai's My CS-Link™ is a secure online tool that connects you to your personal health information from the privacy of your home at any time, day or night. My CS-Link centralizes key parts of your medical information in an easy-to-use format. It allows you to receive electronic health reminders and communicate with your physician's office at a time that is convenient for you. The information is encrypted, which means it is stored in such a way that it can only be unscrambled after you enter the correct password.

What can I do with My CS-Link?

  • Request Appointments: Request appointments that fit your schedule. Your physician's office will notify you of available times and ask for your confirmation.
  • Request Prescription Renewals: View a list of your current medications, request prescription renewals and learn more about your medications.
  • View Test Results: Access your test results and view comments from your physicians.
  • Ask Your Physician A Question: Ask your physician's office a non-urgent medical question.
  • View Personal Health Information: View your medical history, including your medical conditions, current medications, allergies and immunization history.
  • Access Preventive Care Information: See a list of procedures or immunizations recommended for you based on age, gender and medical history. Due dates are included to help you decide when to request tests or procedures.
  • View Upcoming and Past Appointments: View upcoming appointments or click on a past appointment to view details of the appointment.

Click here for information about how to access My CS-Link.