Movement Disorders Program

Supported by the American Parkinson Disease Association, the Movement Disorders Program specializes in patient care, teaching and research.

Dedicated to improving the quality of life for each patient, the Cedars-Sinai team provides diagnosis, treatment and long-term disease management. The team helps patients with Parkinson’s disease stay ahead of the disease through all of its stages. For patients with other movement disorders, such as dystonia, the team’s goal may be to help the patient return to a fully functional lifestyle.

In addition to specialty care, the program trains future leaders in movement disorders and, through research, develops new therapies.

Healthy Attitude

Barbara Poledouris beating Parkinsons

Parkinson's Diagnosis Sparks Competitive Spirit

This grandmother of four is slowing her disease while racing ahead to do the things she loves.

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Dystonia Disease

Free Community Conference

Cedars-Sinai will provide updates on the latest clinical advances and treatment options for dystonia disease, including medical and surgical management.

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