Multiple Sclerosis Center

The Cedars-Sinai Multiple Sclerosis Center unites unparalleled expertise with world-class research and a heartfelt, caring approach to help patients with multiple sclerosis and related disorders not only manage their symptoms, but flourish.

Leading the way at the Multiple Sclerosis Center is Director Nancy Sicotte, MD, whose research into the many ways multiple sclerosis can affect the lives of patients helps her approach each case with experience and a dedication to personalized care.

Artistic Approach

Artist Chooses a Life of Beauty to Create her Own, Unique Story

Michelle Constantine, a young artist and educator, uses her talents to express her personal journey through paintings and other artistic endeavors.

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Alternative Pathways

Advanced Treatment Options Get Patients Back on Their Feet

Tysabri injections offer leading-edge therapy for hard-to-treat multiple sclerosis.

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