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The expert physicians at the Pediatric Neurosurgery Program include a team of pediatric specialists in the following areas:  neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuro- and radiation- oncologists, ophthalmologists, geneticists, neuro-psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, neonatologists and perinatologists, craniofacial and plastic surgeons, pediatric anesthesiologists, neuropathologists and neurophysiologists, all with extensive experience with the tiniest patients.

The Pediatric Neurosurgery Program team members are actively involved in writing and collaborating for peer-reviewed publications.

Many of the physicians who have medical staff privileges to practice medicine at
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are independent physicians, and not employees or agents of the hospital. These independent physicians bill separately for their services. You should contact your physician to determine their status and billing practices.

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Moise Danielpour, MD

Associate Professor Neurosurgery
Director Pediatric Neurosurgery Program

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Michael J. Alexander, MD

Director Neurovascular Center and Endovascular Neurosurgery
Professor Neurosurgery

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Nestor R. Gonzalez, MD

Director Neurovascular Laboratory
Professor Neurosurgery

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Yana J. Tavyev, MD

Director Division of Pediatric Neurology

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Clinical Genetics, Dysmorphology and Skeletal Dysplasia

John M. Graham, MD

Director Clinical Genetics and Dysmorphology
Director Dysmorphology Program

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Craniofacial and Plastic Surgeons

John F. Reinisch, MD

Director Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery

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Mark M. Urata, MD

Plastic Surgery

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine


Ludmila Zaytsev, PhD

Clinical Neuropsychology

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Pediatric Orthopaedics

Robert M. Bernstein, MD

Medical Director Orthopaedic Center
Vice Chair Clinical Affairs in the Department of Surgery

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Pediatric Intensive - Critical Care

Harold N. Amer, MD

Medical Director Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Vice-Chair Clinical Services in Department of Pediatrics

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Gary D. Goulin, MD

Associate Director Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

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Joel D. Barron, MD


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Edward G. Seferian, MD

Director Quality Improvement in the Department of Medical Affairs

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Pediatric Hospitalist

Anish B. Desai, MD

Associate Director Division of General Internal Medicine
Associate Director Internal Medicine Residency Training Program

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Anuj Desai, MD


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Pediatric Oncology

Fataneh Majlessipour, MD

Director Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

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Liliana Sloninsky, MD

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

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Pediatric Urology

Andrew L. Freedman, MD

Director Pediatric Urology Program in the Minimally Invasive Urology Institute
Vice Chair Pediatric Surgical Services in the Department of Surgery

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Arthur K. Cho, MD

Director Division of General Pediatrics
Director Pediatric Inpatient Ward

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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Ryan H. Kotton, MD

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Glenn Tan, MD


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Omid Hamid, MD


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