Gilda Radner Hereditary Cancer Program


  • Prior genetic testing

Study Name

The Gilda Radner Hereditary Cancer Program


The purpose of this study is to identify factors that influence cancer risk and to better understand the precursors to cancer so that preventive steps can be employed for individuals with and without inherited genetic mutations. Researchers also aim to develop a better understanding about which modifiers (a gene that changes the effect produced by another gene) cause some individuals to be at more risk for developing cancer.
The study will collect information about personal and family history of cancer, along with personal demographics, medical history, lifestyle habits, and quality of life.

Key Inclusion Criteria

  • Individuals who have undergone genetic testing and have been documented as:
  • Having a known deleterious mutation or
  • A variant of unknown significance or
  • Are wild-type (mutation negative)
  • 18 years of age or older

Key Exclusion Criteria

  • Inability to comply with study procedures and protocol

Please see complete list of inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Principal Investigator

Beth Karlan, MD

Co-Investigators Include

Ilana Cass,
Daniella Kamara, MS, LCGC
Andrew Li, MD
Ronald Leuchter, MD
Bobbie Rimel, MD
Christine Walsh, MD

Study Coordinator and Contact

Daniella Kamara, MS, LCGC
Phone: 310-423-9966





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