Tesaro PR-30-5020-C: Phase II Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Niraparib


  • Ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer

Study Name

Tesaro PR-30-5020-C: A Phase II, Open-Label, Single-Arm Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Niraparib in Women with Advanced, Relapsed, High-Grade Serous Epithelial Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, or Primary Peritoneal Cancer Who Have Received at Least Three Previous Chemotherapy Regimens


Phase II


The purpose of this study is to examine whether an investigational drug called niraparib can help delay worsening of advanced relapsed ovarian, primary peritoneal, or fallopian tube cancer in patients who have received at least three previous courses of chemotherapy regimens (courses of treatment involving single agent or a combination of anti-cancer drugs used to treat cancer). Researchers aim to evaluate the safety and tolerability of niraparib, in addition to measuring how long the drug delays cancer and its effect on the electrical activity of the heart.

Please see detailed eligibility information.

Principal Investigator

Bobbie Rimel, MD

Co-Investigators Include

Ilana Cass, MD
Beth Karlan, MD
Ronald Leuchter, MD
Andrew Li, MD
Christine Walsh, MD

Study Coordinator and Contact

Meredith Axtell
Phone: 310-423-6595
Email: meredith.axtell@cshs.org





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