Lactation Program and Services

Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your baby! We wish you all the joy and happiness that go with caring for your newborn child. At Cedars-Sinai, we provide comprehensive breast-feeding support and care.

Breast-feeding is a joyful and satisfying experience for most mothers and babies. Studies show that breast milk provides the best nutrition for your infant's growth and development as well as extremely valuable health benefits for baby and mother.

Most women are able to successfully breast-feed soon after delivery. Occasionally a little extra help is needed. Our lactation program at Cedars Sinai is here to provide you with the best possible start to breast-feeding.

Prenatal Breast-Feeding Class

We encourage expectant couples to attend a breast-feeding class such as the one we offer through our Childbirth and Parenting Education Program. A little information on what to expect in those first hours and days after your baby's birth can help to reduce anxiety. You can register for the Breastfeeding: Birth and Beyond class at

The Lactation Center

The Lactation Center is the heart of our Lactation Program. It is on the third floor South Tower in the Mother/Baby Unit. It includes a retail breast-feeding store that is open six days a week and carries a wide selection of products for your breast-feeding needs.

The center staff is trained in bra fitting to assist you with the appropriate selection of nursing bras. In addition, the Lactation Center has a dedicated phone line for discharged patients to call in for help with breast-feeding questions. Your questions will be answered by a certified lactation educator or a board-certified lactation consultant.

After Delivery

Once you have delivered your baby and are on the Mother/Baby Unit, you will be assisted with breast-feeding by our nursing staff, all of whom received training in basic breast-feeding support.

In addition, we have a team of board-certified lactation consultants who provide services seven days a week. Breast-feeding mothers are seen by a consultant during their stay to cover basic breast-feeding management and to answer questions.

You will be given a feeding log to track your baby's feeds and written breast-feeding guidelines on what to expect in the first four days of life. Instructions in the use of special breast-feeding devices and equipment is provided, if necessary.

In most cases one visit is all that is needed to help mom and baby get off to a good start. Should the need arise, you may request additional visits. Please let your nurse know or contact the Lactation Center at 310-423-5312.

At Home

After you and your baby return home there are several ways to get breast-feeding help, information and supplies.

  • Cedars-Sinai Lactation Center for phone help or products as well as the names and
    numbers of board-certified lactation consultants in your area: 310-423-5312
  • Cedars-Sinai 24-Hour breast-feeding Information Warmline: 800-972-6003 (prerecorded messages) or 310-423-2599

Always be sure to contact your pediatrician or obstetrician if you have any medical concerns for baby or you.

Additional Information and to Contact Us

To order supplies from the Lactation Center:

Call us at 310-423-5312

Visit us Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

We accept most credit cards and cash; no checks please.

Email us at or


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