Translational and Experimental Research

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is engaged in clinically applied, translational and experimental basic research in diverse areas of disease; these endeavors occur within pathology and in collaboration with other departments at Cedars-Sinai. Clinical and translational research programs encompass molecular changes in cancer, molecular diagnostics in inherited diseases, coagulation abnormalities, heart disease, and kidney transplant rejection among many others.  The Division of Experimental Pathology is supported by NIH funding, and has a focus on basic research in proteins important in blood pressure control, heart disease and renal disease, and manipulating this system as a means of increasing immune resistance to cancer.  The Division of Translational Medicine includes the Biobank, a collection of quality specimens which can be used for research.   Additionally, pathologists in training participate in these research endeavors, learning to become productive clinical scientists.  The goals of pathology research studies are to understand disease mechanisms and improve diagnosis, prognostic information and identification of therapeutic targets, thus optimizing personalized medicine.  

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