Pediatric Patient Guide

Preparing your child for surgery - a practical guide 

The Pediatric Department recognizes the importance of partnering with you in providing care for your child. We call this Patient and Family Centered Care. You are the expert on your child’s behavior, preferences, expressions and the way your child deals with stress, fear and pain.  We encourage you to share with our team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals the best way to comfort and soothe your child.

Our multidisciplinary team of your child’s healthcare providers make bedside rounds each morning. This is when we will discuss your child’s condition, pain management, response to treatment and the plan of care for that day.  Parents (and patients when age appropriate) are encouraged to be in attendance at these bedside rounds, to provide vital information regarding the care of your child.  In addition the team will gladly respond to any questions you or your child might have.

We hope that your child’s stay in our Pediatric Unit will be short and as positive an experience as possible. At any time during your stay, please do not hesitate to ask questions - we are all here to help your child and your family heal.  

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