Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Over 400 infants, children and adolescents come to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Cedars-Sinai every year. Some are recovering from major surgery of the heart, brain or spine. Others require therapy for serious illnesses, such as asthma, respiratory failure, shock, cancer or trauma. Under the leadership of Harold Amer, MD, every child and family receive state of the art medical care combined with attention to their unique psychosocial needs.

Our PICU is staffed with board certified pediatric intensivists, and one of them is present on site, day and night, so your child will always have access to the highest possible level of physician expertise. The PICU is accredited by California Children's Services and serves as the core for designating Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a Pediatric Critical Care Center by the California Department of Health.

Featured Story

pediatric patient thankful for care given in pediatric intensive care unit

First Time Gift of Thanks

He was a little shy, and scared about getting his blood drawn. He just wanted to go home, and quickly. But when this 8-year-old received his walking papers, he grabbed a blank sheet of paper and created a card to say thanks for the care he received. Not only did he say "thank you," he also donated money to help other children. Attached to his card was a $1 bill.

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Featured Program

services provided to children to help master their healthcare experience

Child Life Services

Child life specialists provide support to children and teens to help them prepare for their medical experience. Through health education, therapeutic play, developmental activities and emotional support, the team helps minimize stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization. In turn, children and teens are better able to cope with and master their healthcare experience.

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