Emmi Plastic Surgery

Ensuring that you and your family are well informed about an upcoming surgical procedure or managing a chronic condition is a major goal for the physicians, nurses and staff at Cedars-Sinai. To help ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are aware of the benefits, risks and possible alternatives to a procedure, as well as methods to better manage your health, Cedars-Sinai uses Emmi® programs.

Emmi® Programs

An interactive, web-based program, Emmi® allows you to log onto a website and learn all about your or your child's upcoming procedure or condition. Although not every procedure or condition offered at Cedars-Sinai has an Emmi program, many do, so please ask your physician if your procedure or condition is included in the Emmi® library. Using medical illustrations and a range of methods to provide information in a thorough and enlightening way, Emmi® programs walk you through your procedure from before the operation, through the procedure to recovery. The programs also inform you of ways in which you can better manage a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes. You learn everything you need to know to be well prepared. Going at your own pace, you can then learn about your procedure or condition, share the information with your family and help you better understand your care.

Demonstration Video

Emmi program screen shot


Accessing Patient Education Programs: Emmi®

When you are scheduled for a procedure or want to find out more about your condition, many Cedars-Sinai programs will provide you with a unique code so that you can log onto the Emmi® webpage and view your program, so please speak to your physician at Cedars-Sinai.