Radiation Oncology Support Services

To supplement the clinical care you receive, the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute offers comprehensive nutrition and psychosocial support services:

  • The Radiation Oncology Department is has oncology nurses (RNs) who specialize in educating our patients and their family members about the specifics of treatment.
  • Dietitians design easy-to-follow nutrition plans to help patients avoid weight loss and stay as strong as possible during treatment cycles.
  • The psychosocial team specializes in caring for patients with cancer and their families. By listening to your emotional needs, our social workers can help to ease the treatment process. They are also available to answer questions about community resources and support groups in your local area.
  • Supportive Care Services at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute deliver high-quality care, using a multidisciplinary approach that aims to meet all of your physical and emotional needs.