Radiation Oncology Department

state-of-the-art radiation technology helps provide highest quality of radiation oncology

Using state-of-the-art radiation technology, our oncologists, therapists and staff collaborate to design custom treatment plans for each and every patient who comes to the Department. By doing so, most patients will feel better, faster and normal, healthy tissues will usually be spared or minimally impacted from the effects of radiation. As a radiation oncology leader in Southern California, patients with a malignancy can be assured they will receive the highest quality radiation oncology currently available.

Patient Support

new-media art installation in waiting room to help soothe anxious cancer patients

Calming Influence Blooms

A new-media art installation pairs technology with art to provide a perfectly peaceful, soothing environment for patients awaiting a treatment.

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Featured Treatment

gps-like system to track prostate cancer tumors

Calypso Tumor Monitoring

A GPS-like monitoring system called Calypso, uses miniature implanted transponders to track prostate cancer in real time, providing precise, continuous information on the location of the tumor. This allows for greater accuracy in the delivery of radiation to the cancer while minimizing potential damage to healthy tissue.

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