Breast Center Research and Clinical Trials

The Saul and Joyce Brandman Breast Center - A Project of Women's Guild is dedicated to bringing new diagnosis and treatment options and technology to our patients through clinical trials and research. Clinical trials lead the way to better treatments and improved survival for breast cancer patients.

The following is a list of currently open clinical trials and research studies.

Cedars-Sinai Breast Center Patient Registry

The purpose of this study is to establish a comprehensive registry of patients treated at the Breast Center for use in future prospective and retrospective breast cancer risk factor analyses in order to: 1) develop a better model to predict breast cancer risk in individual patients; 2) develop novel and cost-effective methods to screen for breast cancer risk; 3) identify patients who are candidates for participation in interventional clinical trials; and 4) track the outcomes of patients who are treated at the Breast Center so that opportunities to improve care may be identified.

(IRB# 21434) PI: Catherine Dang, MD

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Women and Men
  • 18 years or age or older

Blood, Tissue, Saliva, and Clinical Data Collection for Breast Cancer Research

The investigators listed above are collecting blood, tissue, and other body fluids including saliva, and clinical information. The purpose of this study is to identify genes and/or other proteins/molecules that influence a person's risk of getting cancer of the breast, to discover new tests and treatments for breast cancer, to further our understanding of breast cancer and learn whether we can predict how individuals with a particular cancer of the breast will respond to treatments.

(IRB# 3870) PI: Beth Karlan, MD

Inclusion Criteria:

  • You are scheduled to have a surgical procedure that may involve the removal of some or all of your breast tissue
  • You are a man or woman with a family history of breast cancer
  • You are a patient being seen in the Saul and Joyce Brandman Breast Center for breast health evaluation or care

Gilda Radner Hereditary Cancer Detection Study

This research is being done to evaluate standard and new screening methods, which may detect ovarian, peritoneal or breast cancer at an early stage in women who are at high risk because they have known BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic alterations, which predispose for these diseases.

(IRB# 1080) PI: Beth Karlan, MD

Inclusion Criteria:

  • A known BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation

Molecular Breast Imaging--Implications for Early Detection of Breast Cancer and Optimizing Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

This research study is designed to compare a new imaging test, the Lumagem® dual headed small field gamma camera, with conventional breast imaging (mammography, ultrasound and MRI) to see which is most effective in detecting small breast tumors.

(IRB# 17011) PI: Alan Waxman, MD

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Women
  • 18 years of age or older
  • With a suspicious abnormality on conventional breast imaging (mammogram or ultrasound)
    a. Unilateral or Bilateral
    b. Less than 2cm in size
    c. Imaging rated BIRADS category 4 or 5 for whom a biopsy has been recommended
  • Not pregnant
    a. Negative pregnancy test in patients of child bearing capability
    b. Post menopausal women
    c. Women who have had prior hysterectomy

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Currently lactating
  • Currently pregnant
  • Prior needle or surgical biopsy of the lesion in question

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For information concerning breast cancer clinical trials at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Please contact:

Keri Ryback, RN, OCN
Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute
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