Publications and Reports

As part of our commitment to clinical advancement, research and education, the faculty of the Department of Surgery strives to communicate their findings in publications and reports.

Articles Featured in Sutures

Genetically Engineered Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Applications in Spine Therapy

An Analytical Model for Elucidating Tendon Tissue Structure and Biomechanical Function from in vivo Cellular Confocal Microscopy Images

Circadian Rhythm of Osteocalcin in the Maxillomandibular Complex

Increased Utilization of MRI for Breast Cancer Surveillance and Staging Does Not Increase Rate of Mastectomy

Please see below for links to publications written by our faculty members.


Bruce L. Gewertz, MD
Donald Dafoe, MD
Edward H. Phillips, MD
Kenneth Adashek, MD
Alex Allins, MD
George Berci, MD
Brendan Carroll, MD
Steve C. Chen, MD
Wen Cheng, MD
J. Louis Cohen, MD
Jason S. Cohen, MD
William Cohen, MD
David Cossman, MD
Steven Colquhoun, MD
Scott Cunneen, MD
Moses Fallas, MD
Katherine Facklis, MD
David Fermelia, MD
Eiman Firoozmand, MD
Phillip Fleshner, MD
Philip K. Frykman, MD
Clark Fuller, MD
Gary Furman, MD
Homayun Ghiasi, PhD
Leo Gordon, MD
Jason Hamilton, MD
Thomas Hui, MD
Scott Karlan, MD
Mitchell Karlan, MD
Andrew Klein, MD
Sergey Lyass, MD
Rhoda Leichter, MD
Alexander Ljubimov, PhD
Mari A. Madsen, MD
Ezra Maguen, MD
Daniel Margulies, MD
Leslie Memsic, MD
Ricardo Navas, MD
Nicholas Nissen, MD
Ryan Osborne, MD
Rajeev K. Rao, MD
Yaron Rabinowitz, MD
Ali Salim, MD
Allan Silberman, MD
Thomas P. Sokol, MD
Shirin Towfigh, MD
Alfred Trento, MD
Willis Wagner, MD