Musculoskeletal - Spine and Orthopaedics

Key Faculty:      

The primary focus of the laboratory is on the use of adult stem cells, derived from various tissues of the human body, for the regeneration of bone, cartilage, tendon/ligament and the inter-vertebral disc.   Utilizing a combination of isolated stem cells with differentiation inducing genes and biodegradable scaffolds, the laboratory is working towards the development of novel therapeutic solutions for patients suffering from non-union fractures, osteoarthritis, tendon tears, osteoporosis and spine disorders.

Selected Publications:

1. Hoffmann A, Pelled G, Turgeman G, Eberle P, Zilberman Y, Shinar H, Keinan-Adamsky K, Winkel A, Shahab S, Navon G, Gross G, Gazit D.  Neotendon Formation Induced by Manipulation of the Smad8 Signalling Pathway in Mesenchymal Stem Cells.  J. of Clin Invest, 116(4):940-52, 2006.

2. Sheyn D, Pelled G, Zilberman Y, Gazit D, Gazit Z. Non-virally Engineered Porcine Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Use in Posterior Spinal Fusion.  Stem Cells, 26(4):1056-64, 2008.

3. Kimelman-Bleich N, Pelled G, Sheyn D, Kallai I, Zilberman Y, Mizrahi O, Tal Y, Tawackoli W, Gazit Z, Gazit D. The use of a synthetic oxygen carrier-enriched hydrogel to enhance mesenchymal stem cell based bone formation in vivo. Biomaterials, 30(27):4639-48, 2009.